About Us
Triple Advanced Investments 51 (Pty) Ltd specialises in the acquisition of written off distressed consumer debtors portfolios. This offers potential sellers the opportunity to benefit in the following ways:

  • Provide an additional avenue in the sellers bad debt portfolio management strategy

  • Improved financial equity as a result of the immediate bad debt recovery  

  • An immediate injection of capital by selling off written portfolios instead of attempting to recover written off debt over an extended period  

  • Reduced cost of collections

  • Allows the seller to focus on its primary business objectives, while still generating income from your written off debt

  • Provides Companies with an end to end risk free Staff Loan Solutions


Triple Advanced Investments 51 (Pty) Ltd is 70% owned by private shareholders and 30% owned by Management. Management collectively have 55 years experience in the Debt Collection Industry, and more specifically in the management of distressed portfolios. Over a period of three years debt under management of the management team has grown to R2.1 billion as a result of aggressive debt acquisition.


* Book Acquisition

Triple Advanced Investments 51 (Pty) Ltd offers potential sellers the opportunity to obtain the immediate maximum returns for the sale of its debtor’s books. Additionally the seller has the peace of mind that the future collection from debtors is done in such a manner that the brand of the seller is not tarnished in any manner. We are mindful of the fact that the bad debtor of today could be the rehabilitated good customer of tomorrow.

* Debt Collection

We offer debt collections services to Credit Providers on a no collection no fee basis.

* Staff Loans

We offer tailor made staff loan solutions, risk free, to employers at lower than market related rates.


Through the utilization of industry leading technology we are able to secure the personal data of debtors obtained from sellers. All databases are replicated real time making use of replication services to a Replication Environment with additional interval Snapshot Backups scheduled. Offsite backups are pushed via an encrypted secured VPN wireless link to a secure offsite location as part of a redundant disaster recovery plan. Any access to our data is restricted to key Authorized personnel.